A quick visit to Tyr

Yesterday morning, I went on a short road trip to Tyr. It is part of planning a (huge) group trip to the south so I along with 2 priests went there to inspect things and plan the day. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken such a long trip to a place I haven’t been to. Reminded me of last year’s trip to Jordan and the road trips to Jerash and Um Qais


I can’t remember being in Tyr but I remember I passed by Sidon’s almost 10 years ago. I’ve always heard how beautiful the city is with its old shops and harbour. Today I got to see more than that.


We went to the bishopric of Tyr and had a meeting with Bishop George Bacaouni. The bishop was so kind that he took us on a tour by foot in the area. We walked by the seashore, next to the shops, by the houses and on the main streets. What I liked was that the bishop was very popular there, and not by Christians. Wherever we passed, there was someone greeting him and getting to his feet (as a sign of respect) to shake his hand.


What I was also impressed with was the houses and the buildings. Tyr is still a small city with barely any high buildings. One of the streets is very colourful that I felt like those Beirut street painting campaigns have passed over there. Narrow streets, colourful walls, painted window frames and fruits and vegetables cart sellers that’s roam through the city made me want to try to live there for a week.


The trip will be in a month from now. I think it will be fun because we’re going to get to more places I haven’t visited. I will post about it later.

It is interesting that in such a small country, there is a huge load of history coexisting with modern life. Even though Lebanon is this small, I have barely seen anything of it. It’s only until last summer that I discovered Kadisha Valley for example.

I just hope everything gets better so that more trips can be held to discover Lebanon as much as possible.

For the rest of the photos, check the set on flickr


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