A full belly at Schnitzels

For the little man I am, I eat a lot.
I don’t exercise, except في الحالات القصوى (in extreme cases).
I have been lately exercising; a couple of times a week, a little less than a couple of hours each time. For that, I have decided to reward myself with a good lunch today.


For all those haters, I bring to you what I devoured today: vermicelli vegetable soup in a delicious bread pot, chicken filet Schnitzel (a deep fried German breaded chicken filet in a special breading mix) with gypsy topping and one whole liter of beer.Schnitzels is a special German breading used to coat chicken, meat, or fish before deep frying. It is similar to escalopes.


At Schnitzels, they have Soup of the day served in a delicious crunchy-on-the-outside bread pot. I would despise it if people would eat the soup and throw away the bread.

Schnitzels are good and not heavy and you can pair it with the topping you like. It come also with a portion of skin-on fries.
Beer. Draft beer. And imported German beer. 1 liter was enough to get me satisfied and buzzed.


There was no more room for dessert, but this is from my previous visit where we shared a black forest cake a apple strudel. Yumm.


The atmosphere is nice and cosy with wood panels all over. You can pick the seat at the wall couches, regular tables or high tables.

Value for quality and quantity is fair. We got: 2 soups, 2 Schnitzels with 2 toppings each, a small beer and a large beer for around a 50$ and I’m stuffed now.

If you pass by City Mall, make sure to pass by Schnitzels and have a satisfying meal there.



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