Supermoon: June 23rd 2013

Super moon 23 July 2013

Despite all the killing that was taking place in many parts of Lebanon, a fascinating phase in nature took place: SUPER MOON.
I went with a distant cousin/friend, Bechara, for a race with time and the moon itself to catch the moment it rises. Assisted by the sky map app on my mobile and the four wheels and the engine, the car, Bechara and I went all the way up to Aajaltoun before the super full moon was caught on our radars. We parked instantly and started taking photos.

Super moon 23 July 2013

The scene is overwhelming and causes for nothing but to leave everything behind, or may I say back in the city, and lay down on the ground and gaze at the moon and stars. Gosh, I miss doing that, even in the city where I would be able to gaze at only a few stars.

Super moon 23 July 2013

Have you seen the super moon?
Have you taken photos of it?
Share the link down in the comments.


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