How, Why & Who

How “Cola كلسات و”

Cola w Calset is a name I heard and got caught in my brain ever since June 2011. (calset is socks in Arabic)

It was a sign on a small grocery shop that a friend of mine saw and was telling about. The sign was hand-written with the Cs intersecting. We laughed at the name and how the shop owner has written it. But to me, the name was more than just a funny name. I took out my sketchbook and wrote it down. My friends gave me a weird look for what I was doing.

Ever since then, I have been considering employing that name into a project.  I have decided to make it the name for my blog that has been suffering from identity loss.

Why “Cola كلسات و”

The name fits perfectly to my blog, a multi-language, diverse fun blog. As the name suggests, the blog will cover varied subjects, from cola to calset (socks). It has no specific topic; it will be about whatever I like.

After a year or so of blogging, I couldn’t limit myself to a certain topic and I found myself posting about events, reviews, photos, design… and I have been experimenting with recipes to post too. These have given me the satisfaction I wanted from being online. Thus, I decided to take them all.

I present to you now me offspring that I have given birth to after a long period of labor.

The Logo

The logo is a merge of the initials of the name Cola and كلسات (calset)

The symbol is an incorporation of these 2 letters from different languages. This unique merge between Arabic and Latin is to express the name; thus representing how versatile the blog is.
You can also regard the negative space as another manifestation of the unique merge with a slight hint of the letter “و” as the conjunction “and”.

Who “Cola كلسات و”

My name is Hisham Assaad.

I majored in Graphic Design at The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) in Achrafieh-Lebanon.

I grew up in the United Arab Emirates until I was ten and moved with my parents to Lebanon.

Along with my elementary and secondary studies, I has participated in lots of social and church-related activities. Later on, I started performing in theatrical plays within the church next door. I have participated in around 5 major plays, taking a lead role and co-managing the whole work.

In addition to that, I have a good voice and many artistic skills that I use in several occasions.

I am currently working at SESOBEL as a graphic designer and social media manager, and that didn’t stop me from participating in many social and church activities.

9 thoughts on “How, Why & Who

  1. Hisham designed my wedding card and i can assure that working with him was a great experience.

    Professionally, Hisham is really talented and creative. He has his own discrete magical touch that adds and mixes beauty, originality and elegance to any demand.
    Brides are usually picky and tensed when it comes to card design and wedding decorations; yet, dealing with Hisham made all the process very easy and smooth as he invested a lot of time hearing and well understanding my requirement and was stubborn to make the design match my personality.
    Not to forget that his enthusiastic energy, his professionalism and his respect to deadlines gave me trust and made all the work flow an efficient process!

    As a person, Hisham is very gentle, patient and kind. He has a calm positive energy that makes him an exceptional person and that makes me say that working with him was the best experience during my wedding preparations.

  2. Hi Hisham!

    I’ve been following your tweets + blog work and was wondering if I could give you a call sometime in the next few days regarding a technology research project that I’m working on with high-profile bloggers and tweeters in Lebanon?

    Am happy to call you at a time that fits your schedule. You can contact me directly on my listed email.


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  4. hello hisham !
    my name is perla .
    i found your blog not too long ago and i absolutely love it . great job ! keep it up ! 🙂
    i will be visiting again soon =)
    best regards

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