Stalking Lana Del Rey

If you’re one of those who live on social media and nag about trends, then you must have heard it was Lana Del Rey’s concert yesterday as part of the Byblos International Festival.

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A night in a musical fantasy

Music is heavenly. Music is universal. Music takes you to any imaginary place musicians create. I went to this imaginary place yesterday with the wonderful harmony of the Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music and the captivating vocals of … Continue reading

A new cast member on Glee?

I have promised long ago to show my love towards Glee. I have waited till the right time. Now that Glee is back, and I have watched its competitor SMASH, I can now write my opinion. I am a fan … Continue reading

I love Christmas time, but…

Its Christmas time. Lots of people celebrates it nowadays regardless of their religion (according to a poll by Gino’s Blog) Decorations are all over the streets, Christmas songs are playing everywhere, and traffic choking the streets. One thing worst than the Christmas traffic is Christmas songs.

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Oussama Rahbani feat. Hiba Tawaji & Wadih Abi Raad Concert + Album Review


I had totally forgot the date. I haven’t noticed how quick time was going. I’ts already November 12-13 and it’s the dates of Hiba Tawaji and Wadih Abi Raad‘s concert. In case you recall who Wadih is, I bet you have seen him at least once along the 8 seasons of Star Academy Lebanon (he skipped a season I think) Continue reading