Hidden gems in Fern El Chebbek

I took a walk a couple of days ago in the streets of old Fern Al Chebbek. It’s a quiet area that is behind Adlieh. This area is defined by its old traditional houses, old buildings, and some new rising buildings.


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Stalking Lana Del Rey

If you’re one of those who live on social media and nag about trends, then you must have heard it was Lana Del Rey’s concert yesterday as part of the Byblos International Festival.

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Foodies Wisdom

As I was reading through my HUGE category of food blogs subscriptions in my inbox, one of the posts got my attention. Even though I have seen other similar posts by this food blogger, I never sat down and read through it.

I see hearts in the sky

I see hearts in the sky

Out of this post, couple of paragraphs grabbed me and told me, THINK, ANALYZE, KEEP IN MIND, and POST. Continue reading

Stormy Lebanon and my food cravings

It’s raining. Not it’s pouring. NO, IT’S A DELUGE.Image

But no, I’m not going to nag about how the rain didn’t stop, the wind could have blown me away, cars (and people) drowned because of the high water level, nor the nagging of naggers.

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