Microscopically browsing paintings: Google Art Project

Browsing through on of the sites I like, I discovered the below excerpt which led me to this Google invention: Google Art Project.

When Bruegel painted more than 500 years ago, could he have imagined that one day, a dozen generations down the road, his paintings would be viewed on a practically microscopic scale? Such is the wonder of the Google Art Project, the two-year-old platform that now houses more than 30,000 digital versions of famous artworks–some of which are viewable at a radically high resolution.

taken from: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1672256/how-google-is-remaking-art-history

Below are a few images showing incredible details of well-known paintings.
Where do you stand from this?


Do you think this is a violation to the artist and the painting itself or you think this is a tool that can be used for a better use?


Foodies Wisdom

As I was reading through my HUGE category of food blogs subscriptions in my inbox, one of the posts got my attention. Even though I have seen other similar posts by this food blogger, I never sat down and read through it.

I see hearts in the sky

I see hearts in the sky

Out of this post, couple of paragraphs grabbed me and told me, THINK, ANALYZE, KEEP IN MIND, and POST. Continue reading