Visual Friday: Iconic Album Covers

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Microscopically browsing paintings: Google Art Project

Browsing through on of the sites I like, I discovered the below excerpt which led me to this Google invention: Google Art Project.

When Bruegel painted more than 500 years ago, could he have imagined that one day, a dozen generations down the road, his paintings would be viewed on a practically microscopic scale? Such is the wonder of the Google Art Project, the two-year-old platform that now houses more than 30,000 digital versions of famous artworks–some of which are viewable at a radically high resolution.

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Below are a few images showing incredible details of well-known paintings.
Where do you stand from this?


Do you think this is a violation to the artist and the painting itself or you think this is a tool that can be used for a better use?

الأربعاء بنصّ الجمعة

I went yesterday with my friend Mike to the premiere of the play “Orb3a bnos el jom3a” by Betty Taoutal. It is a social comedy inspired by the Lebanese situation. It plays on the sensitive issues of relationships, marriages, divorce … Continue reading

Save the egg, sabouné, cinema, city center or whatever it is!


A news broke yesterday that the “EGG” has been intentionally damaged and on its way to be destroyed. The scheme shows that (well, it’s obvious) it will be destroyed to make space for a new building to erect. Today, the news is all over the internet. Everyone is writing about it, tweeting about, and starting a petition to save it.

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الحل رومنسي El Hal Romancy

Album Front

This week I went to the website of Mashrou3 Leila. I read about their new EP and while I was walking at Hamra Street I saw their poster for the release party. The event will take place on July 29th, starting 8 pm – at the Beirut Hippodrome [horseracing track] in Mathaf [next to the National Museum of Beirut]

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