Hidden gems in Fern El Chebbek

I took a walk a couple of days ago in the streets of old Fern Al Chebbek. It’s a quiet area that is behind Adlieh. This area is defined by its old traditional houses, old buildings, and some new rising buildings.


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I <3 Falafel. Original Falafel

If you sometimes follow my tweets (like I’m a huge celebrity and you all read my tweets) I have expressed my love for falafel. This simple delicious sandwich is an easy meal to grab on your way at any time … Continue reading

Sunday Babble

How I perceive Autistic children: They are just children who have not conformed to the restrictive society. They do whatever they want whenever they feel like it. This reminded me of a discussion I was having with a friend about … Continue reading

October Calendar

I have to apologize for the lack of content on my blog. Honestly, I’m getting home tired and without and power to sit and deal with my old computer. Now that I have a new laptop, I will try to spend more time with my precious baby blog.

For now, although few days late, I present you my October wallpaper calendar.

The photo is taken in 09-10 Fall photography class at the university. The topic was to show Beirut the way the person sees it. At that time, Beirut was only a far away place for me and I felt there is nothing that connects me to Beirut except those old walls, half shattered homes that are filled with nothing but the wind, some sun light and garbage.







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