A full belly at Schnitzels

For the little man I am, I eat a lot.
I don’t exercise, except في الحالات القصوى (in extreme cases).
I have been lately exercising; a couple of times a week, a little less than a couple of hours each time. For that, I have decided to reward myself with a good lunch today.


For all those haters, I bring to you what I devoured today: vermicelli vegetable soup in a delicious bread pot, chicken filet Schnitzel (a deep fried German breaded chicken filet in a special breading mix) with gypsy topping and one whole liter of beer. Continue reading



I am 25.
Quarter of a century.

Time passes by so fast.

But what are birthdays without family and friends?
And food! Continue reading

Foodies Wisdom

As I was reading through my HUGE category of food blogs subscriptions in my inbox, one of the posts got my attention. Even though I have seen other similar posts by this food blogger, I never sat down and read through it.

I see hearts in the sky

I see hearts in the sky

Out of this post, couple of paragraphs grabbed me and told me, THINK, ANALYZE, KEEP IN MIND, and POST. Continue reading

My December

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Christmas has passed and we’re getting closer to the New Year. Finally, I’m posting a blog post as a holiday’s gift. Well, it’s only until now that I’ve had the time and will to sit down and arrange this post. … Continue reading