Hidden gems in Fern El Chebbek

I took a walk a couple of days ago in the streets of old Fern Al Chebbek. It’s a quiet area that is behind Adlieh. This area is defined by its old traditional houses, old buildings, and some new rising buildings.


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Visual Friday: Cupcakes

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A Sin You Can’t Get Rid Of; FOOD #BAD11

Hi, my name is Hisham and I’m a food addict.

Well, I’m not pretty much an addict. I can control my food consumption, and I (somehow) keep an eye on my diet. But the thing is, food is essential and you cannot avoid it, unlike cigarettes or any other bad habit.

What I enjoy more than eating is looking at food photographs. Photographers try so hard to get the photos to be the most appealing and drool-provoking.

I came across this site as I was tweeting, and I kept tweeting photos from it. Its Food Porn [LINK]

I enjoy looking at food blogs more than I enjoy making the recipes they offer. I buy cooking magazines to enjoy the photos that are sometimes simply delicious.

Some of my favorite food blogs photos are:

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Farewell! Oh well, Just for a week


Oh yes, some of you now know where I’m going. I am leaving for a week in the mountain. No internet (just the damn limited slow wap on my mobile) and no technology (except my laptop). Just me, my books, canvas and my art set.

This will be an alone week by myself. Me and the nature. I will tell you my experience next week. So if anyone asks about me, just refer them to this post, and if anyone misses me so badly, just give me a call. My mobile number is on my facebook account for my friends only. In case you need it, just ask any of my friends.

(the photo above is what I will be seeing every evening, come and join if you like)


Good bye, and see you next week for lots and lots of new things, and don’t forget, there will be something special on 9/9/2011.