The new kid in [android] town: instagram

imageWhat is Instagram?
It is a photo sharing app that allows you to take photos and edit them with the help of some preset frames, filters and effects and then share them on a variety of social networks.

Is it only for professionals?
If it was at first, its not what it has become. Instagram has become a popular app and allowed EVERYONE to share photos.

Does Instagram make you a better photographer?

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September Calendar

I promised earlier on twitter to have my calendar uploaded when I get home after work, but this seems very late after alight change in plans. I will be going to the movies instead. So here I am, trying my best to upload all the sizes possible for you to have it on your desktops.

The photo is taken by me in Ghbaleh where I had spent my vacation last week. The photo is of the base of a large urn in the courtyard of Saydet Sh2eef Church.