My Eatalian Experience

20120315_170805 copyAs some know me by now, I am a food lover. I love food, I love spices, and I love to try new tastes (I acquired that recently) and explore recipes from different cultures. I love cooking and I love going to restaurants and trying the food they serve.

I went around a month ago to Eatalian; an Italian restaurant. It might not be the most authentic Italian restaurant in town but it did well. The restaurant had a menu and interior theme. This period’s theme was Napoli. I went to their Kaslik branch. The interior is nice and cozy and relatively spacious but what is disappointing a bit is the view in front of the restaurant. Nothing exciting is there, just a flat building and barely any people. Continue reading

The movie is a must watch whether you read the book or not. And despite that it takes place in a very weird place, you don’t feel distant from the incidents and characters.

What did you think of it?

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For legions of people, The Hunger Games is the most anticipated movie release of the year. And for a movie released so early in 2012, that’s saying something. Based on the book of the same title (read my review here), The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen year old girl living in a post-apocalyptic America where hunger and oppression ruled, where hunting for rodents was the way to keep your family alive and where every day represents a fight for your life.

This post-apocalyptic America is the country of Panem, governed by the Capitol which oversees twelve districts, making sure they are stripped down to the bare necessities. Those twelve districts had been thirteen that rebelled against the Capitol’s oppression. They lost the war and are still paying the price, the heaviest of which is the annual Hunger Games which require each district to…

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Restaurant Review: Hawady


To cut the story short, we were at our second [play] rehearsals and we wanted somewhere to sit, eat, and talk. Someone proposed a place close; it was at Jeita roundabout next to Allegria, it is Hawady. We reached the place around 8. The restaurant has a terrace and a space indoors. We went indoors and it was empty.

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