My Eatalian Experience

20120315_170805 copyAs some know me by now, I am a food lover. I love food, I love spices, and I love to try new tastes (I acquired that recently) and explore recipes from different cultures. I love cooking and I love going to restaurants and trying the food they serve.

I went around a month ago to Eatalian; an Italian restaurant. It might not be the most authentic Italian restaurant in town but it did well. The restaurant had a menu and interior theme. This period’s theme was Napoli. I went to their Kaslik branch. The interior is nice and cozy and relatively spacious but what is disappointing a bit is the view in front of the restaurant. Nothing exciting is there, just a flat building and barely any people. Continue reading

#FeastForChange review

To start it off, I’m not much of restaurants goer, I’m new to this.

I love food, I love meeting new people, and I love events. Since I started tweeting, I started to discover these things about myself. Meeting with tweeps in different restaurants got me started into experimenting (or at least trying to experiment) with new foods.

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