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The Theatricals is a theater group located in the parish of St. George Church for Greek Melkite Catholics in Dbayeh.
The Group started working since around the year 2004 as a small group performing small scenes. Each coming year, the group developed their skills and the performances they did. They were accompanied by the famous director Nabil Karam who has teamed with lots of Al Rahbani performances, as well as having the priest of the parish
Father Andre Najm as a father for all the group and a writer for most of the plays and an actor as well in two plays.
The group actors have changed a lot, but having few who remained from the start till now. But now, after a 2-year break, the group comes back in the much anticipated play “Al Sira3″ الصراع” (The Struggle). In few moments, you will be introduced to the work of this group from 2004.

The following trailer sums up the last 4 years of the group’s activity

<p><a href=”″>St George Theater Group Dbayeh Trailer</a> from <a href=”″>Hisham Assaad</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Thawret Sha3b (The people’s revolution) 2004
A play by
Father Fady Tabet which the group rearranged to be performed as a low budget performance.


Thawret Sha3b (The people’s revolution) December 2006
The same play performed on 2004 but extended with a higher budget


List of honored persons:
Jean Kassis
Shawki Matta
Michline Khalifeh
Layla Hakim
Abou Salim (Salah Tizani)
Mazen Maaddam

Asma3ouka (I’m listening to you) December 2007
A play written by
Jean Kassis upon a concept by Father Andre Najm
Directed by
Nabil Karam
The play shows how humans carry their worries everywhere they go, even to the monastery of the saints. Humans always ask and nag, but never listen for solutions. The play features in the performance the appearance of the three Saints of Lebanon, Charbel, Rafqa, and Naa’matallah El Hardini.



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A recital by
Pascale Sakr accompanied by the church’s choir

List of honored persons:
Pascale Sakr
Romeo Lahoud

Ghabeh Bala 2anoun (A Jungle without Laws) April 2008
A play by
Father Fady Tabet repeated by our group


List of honored persons
Father Fady Tabet
Michel Tabet

Kiddis Kfifan (The Saint of Kfifan) December 2008
A play written by
Father Andre Najm
Directed by
Nabil Karam
The play discusses the story of a sinful woman who Saint Naamtallah Al Hardini helped to get back to God and regret her previous work. It also shows how the Saint used to live and interact with his surrounding, and shows his death and ascending to heavens.


DSC_7438Snapshot 5 (1-30-2011 9-20 PM)Snapshot 19 (1-31-2011 12-47 AM)

Shaheed El Knisi (The Church’s Martyr) April 2009

Written by Father Andre Najm
Directed by
Nabil Karam
The play tells the story of Saint George whose father was killed by the emperor for refusing to participate in idolatry. The story is repeated with Saint George after declaring being a Christian and faces beheading with his friends from the same emperor.


Shaheed El Knisi on YouTube

December 2010

Even after the sad incident that struck the church, The Theatricals will not stop only to prove that God’s voice is above all!

photo(7) (1)photo(4)IMG_0213

May 2011

Al Sira3 (The Struggle)


The anticipated event of the year!
Written by Father Andre Najm
Directed by Nabil Karam

The play will be performed on Friday and Saturday 6 & 7th of may 2011 at 7:30 PM

The play discusses the issue of good vs. bad behavior of humans in the context of 2000 years ago; at the time when Christ was at Earth. The play moves from the past to present through scenes to show certain details that happened while Christ was with his disciples according to The Gospel of John with some more focus on the behavior of Peter and Judas towards Christ.

The play features lots of songs and music with some dance scenes with beautiful outfits and decoration.

For more about the play, check its page here

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