Al Sira3 (The Struggle)

Al Sira3 is the latest play by The theatrical Group – Dbayeh.

This play deals with the topic of Good vs. Bad in the time of Jesus. This was personified in Peter and Judas respectively. It also shows scenes from the Bible where great miracles had happened and lots of negotiations took place among the characters.

The play features lots of music, songs, light and sound effects.


The play kicks off with the scene of Jesus talking to Judas and asking him for the reason he killed himself. Then the next scene is the Pentecost (al 3ansara) where the Holy Spirit is sent upon the disciples so they’d understand all what happened with Jesus. As they decipher the events, they start remembering some major incidents that happened with Jesus at their presence. Each memory is brought onto the stage and performed, and at its end, a slight focus on the argument happening among Jesus, Pharisees, Judas and Peter is focused on to shed light on the struggle that was happening there.

The memories scenes move from the wedding at Qana and the wine miracle, the bread and fish miracle at the hill, washing Jesus’s feet with perfume, the last supper, crucifixion, and resurrection.





During all these Biblical incidents, a conflict always takes place between Peter and Judas over what is was the purpose of Jesus’s presence and sermons. The play reaches a place where Peter denied Jesus, regrets, and is given the whole church to carry it on. Then Judas’s fate is kept for the viewers’ imagination at the end of the play.




The play was performed on May 6 & 7th, 2011. It was a great success. And was aired on Tele Lumiere last Tuesday at 10 pm. It will surely be shown more from now on, and as soon as I know the airing time I will let you all know.

And as soon as I get the DVD, it will be uploaded to my YouTube channel.


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